Lamai Homestay

Pioneers 15 yrs ago, we are now leaders in exclusive ‘just you and us’ stays and world wide award winners annually for our dedication to our community! Eco friendly sustainable and still giving all our clients life long memories of real Thailand.

We were the winners of the Thailand Green Excellence Award for community based tourism at World Travel Market 2013!!

Lamai Homestay is situated in Ko Pet, a rice village in the heart of rural Isan. We built it ourselves – with help from the local villagers. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens growing bananas, papaya, mango and custard apple. There is a cool, shady barbecue and eating area in the garden and a splashpool nearby to rest tired feet.

As we accommodate a maximum of eight people, you are always assured of the best attention and privacy.   It is ideal for families – we have two daughters of our own – Lizi who is thirteen years old and three year old Jolie who was born in February 2010.

Khopet Village is a genuine, totally original, unspoilt environment where you can experience a wonderfully relaxed Thai lifestyle. You will instantly be welcomed and invited to participate in, or simply enjoy watching, every-day life going on around you.   It is not a commercial village at all.  It is a working rural village where real life goes on with or without tourists.

What we offer is a unique experience.  You have the genuine Thai experience of living with Lamai and her family – parents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters.  You will also have English input from me (Jimmy).  I have lived here for thirteen years and have learned all the traditions, the culture, the religion, the superstitions, and can pass the knowledge on to you.

Be it rice planting/cutting, silk or rug making, there’s always something to see. We are also within day-trip distance of Phimai (Khmer temples), Ban Prasat (archaeological site), Khorat city, Dan Kwian (pottery) as well as a range of smaller, lesser known places of interest.

We admire this cause and are willing to extend to all members a 20% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

We have had a responsible tourism policy for 15 years and enforce it strictly. We are supporting and protecting not only our family, but also our whole village and all our tour location communities. We ensure that our visitors receive the relevant information to help them to respect local cultures, – the Isan traditions, their religion and heritage.

We are constantly looking for new ways to benefit the local communities.  All food is sourced locally, all craft demonstrations and activities involve the village inhabitants, and all visitors are encouraged to buy gifts made in the local community. We employ local people to demonstrate crafts, – silk-making, basket-weaving, mat-making, food-foraging etc. on a rotating basis so that everyone can benefit financially. All our household and business purchases are sourced within a 16 km range.

We have strong policies on water preservation, limiting energy use, use of biodegradable chemicals, and recycling. We maintain 52 rai of our own rice fields, with self-made canals where ducks, fish frogs, shrimp and so on thrive. We also have secluded forest areas for snakes and small mammals.



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