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“KASAPA” means “a good talk” – the kind of conversation that denotes understanding and agreement. In Africa, such “good talk” is still the most important means to ease tension and reach harmony. The drums “talk” in this way and travelling around in a foreign country could likewise entail a lively exchange of “good talk”.

The KASAPA Centre tourism project was initiated 25 years ago by its current leaders, a Ghanaian-German couple. The KASAPA Centre project is well integrated into its local community, the fishing village Nyanyano. It has its own holiday resort on a 2,5 ha area of “natural bush” bordering the steep Atlantic coast, 40 km west of the capital Accra. The village-like resort has taken up and further developed traditional African modes of building, combining them with eco-friendly technology (e.g. photovoltaic, modern hygienic compost toilets).

The guest chalets are built to suit the African climate (plastered clay buildings with clay ceilings and thatched roofs) and do not need air-conditioning. You will also find a large summer-hut (serving as restaurant and main meeting place), shady open-air locations and roofed toilet/bathroom facilities.

We offer various holiday programmes: travels through Ghana, workshops for drumming and dancing, tailor made schedules. All can be booked for 2 – 4 weeks. The programmes are not orientated towards common standards of conventional tourism. You will certainly discover Ghana’s nature and history, but we offer much more: Don’t just see the sights – experience the real and genuine Africa, local culture and daily life through personal contacts: It may mean that you do without the usual tourist convenience every now and then – but we take care that you certainly won’t get overtaxed or stressed.

Accommodation at the KASAPA Centre rnges from comfortable hotels, lodges, modest village guesthouses and 1 jungle camp night. Transport is provided by the KASAPA-owned van (no air-condition) and special dietary requests can be arranged.

The KASAPA Centre tourism project is focused on sustainable, environmentally and socially responsible tourism. Its travel programs take up typical Ghanaian modes and resources, allowing the guests to experience local culture and daily life within a relaxed style of travelling. Holiday workshops in traditional Ghanaian drumming and dancing are offered as well.

The project runs a small village-like holiday resort, which has taken up and further developed traditional styles and modes of construction, combined with modern eco-friendly technology (e.g. photovoltaic, modern hygienic compost toilets).

The project is run as an African family enterprise enabling the staff members to demonstrate personal responsibility and commitment. Associated is a charitable association “KASAPA bridge”, supporting the education/training of more than 100 young Ghanaians. The KASAPA Centre project has won several awards, e.g. the internationally renowned ToDo! award.

KASAPA Centre is well integrated into its local community. Its usage of natural resources does not affect the local environment (careful waste and waste water management, water-free toilets, photo-voltaic). Most of the staff members hail from the village; the project’s Ghanaian CEO is well-versed in the local culture and tradition.

Supporting the cultural tradition has always been a core of our tourism offers (e.g. drumming/dancing workshops). Financial contributions to community projects are regularly given to the local authorities.

Through the associated charity “KASAPA Bridge”, we not only support the education/training of individuals, but also help to built/ equip 2 schools in our local community and a third one in a village regularly visited within our travel schedules.

Since its establishment 25 years ago, the KASAPA Centre tourism project has helped several villages to develop their own tourism potential: Liate Wote (Volta Region) Nzulezo and Mesomagor (Central Region). 

Overnight stays during our travel programmes are always booked in small (or in one case: medium-scale) owner-run hotels, guest-houses and even very “basic” village accommodations. The kitchen in KASAPA Centre resort takes care to use locally grown / produced food stuff as much as possible. The fees we are paying meet the local standards and include the payment of social security contributions as well as occasional extra payments in case of special needs. Most of our employees get support by our associated charity “KASAPA bridge” for the education/training of their children. 

On the site of KASAPA Centre’s beach resort, we try as much as possible to maintain the 2,5 ha area of “natural bush”; meanwhile it has developed into a protection zone especially for birds. Our use of modern eco-friendly technology is not only aimed at saving natural resources but also intends to provide practical, tangible examples of such technologies (which are not yet popular enough in Ghana).

We practice waste separation / composting food scraps / incineration of paper materials in order to at least reduce the volume which has to be brought to the garbage dump, and we are helping one regularly visited village to establish communal waste management. When visiting nature parks or other protected areas, we of course do it only according to the official regulations of the competent conservation authorities and with the authorized tour guides.



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