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IntoAfrica UK Ltd organise fair-traded safaris and mountain treks with unique insights into the environments, cultures and wildlife of Kenya and Tanzania.

You won’t miss the wildlife spectaculars, the so called “Big Five” – but you’ll see and learn something of the other five hundred as well – and there are no woolly “wherever possible” caveats to our commitment to responsible travel practices benefiting local communities.

Ethical Commitment:

There are tremendous attractions in East Africa but the effect of tourism on fragile environments and indigenous cultures is often degrading. This need not be so and we avoid contributing to further damage whilst recognising that foreign visitors bring great benefits. Therefore our trips are designed to give real insights into the lands we travel through with minimum impact on the people and places we visit.

2016 Tourism Concern Members Discount:

We are willing participants of the 2016 Tourism Concern discount voucher offer. New Tourism Concern members that receive a £100 discount voucher can redeem the discount with us (conditions apply: only available when you purchase a package valued at £1995+). Email us at the link below for more details.


IntoAfrica UK Ltd Tourism Concern


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