Indigenous People and Tourism – report launch and film

We will be launching our new briefing on Indigenous People and  tourism on Tuesday 24th January at a reception hosted by Steve Reed MP in Committee Room 6, at the House of Commons.

The relationship between tourists and indigenous people is complex and frequently disappointing for both, with exploitation, dubious and perhaps invented ‘traditions’ that can inhibit real cultural exchange and even ‘human zoos’, with only the tour operators benefiting.

However, if done well, tourism can bring in much-needed revenue to indigenous communities, who are often socially, politically and economically marginalised from mainstream society. Indigenous tourism can also be very positive – a form of revitalisation for their culture and a force of empowerment for the people.

We will also be showing the film, Framing the Other, a documentary film that contrasts the views of Mursi women and those of Dutch tourists preparing for a meeting. This humorous and at the same time chilling film shows the destructive impact tourism has on traditional communities.

The reception is free to attend for Members and we would ask non-members to consider donating to our campaign.


  • Date: 6:30 pm Tuesday 24th January 2017.
  • Venue: Committee Room 6, House of Commons.
  • Free to attend – but registration required


– Welcome from Steve Reed

– Introduction from Mark Watson

–  Report Summary – Helen Jennings

– Carl Soderbergh from Minority Rights Group International

– Documentary ‘Framing the Other’

– Discussion


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