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Tourism Concern & HouseSit Match Partnership – 75% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

Living like a local can be enlightening, and enormously satisfying as a tourist focused on ethical and sustainable travel. Whether you are volunteering through an organised programme, or simply hankering to sample a culture in a foreign neighbourhood, a new partnership recently formed between and Tourism Concern opens up a broader selection of travel options for all members. This unique partnership, founded on shared values, offers 75% off the price of any membership option available from HouseSitMatch – opening up a new world of affordable and sustainable travel adventures for all.

Travel with Peace of Mind.

When planning your next trip away from home whether for work or indeed a holiday have you ever been stuck wondering how to care for your pets and property in your absence?

Kennels and catteries can add significantly to the cost of your holiday, especially if you have more than one pet and are planning a long trip somewhere far away! Many people with very young or mature pets often prefer to have them cared for at home in their own environments by sitters.

Keeping Pets and Property Safe & Secure When you Travel

Where do you go to find checked and experienced sitters these days, when urbanisation has created a transient population and you may live far away from your home town or community? We may not know our neighbours and our immediate families may be far away and beyond the request of nipping in twice a day to clear the post and feed the cat.

That’s where we come in, HouseSitMatch is an online network of home and pet owners and sitters that can help you find an affordable solution to your travel dilemma. Most of our sitters do not charge, they consider the free accommodation their fair exchange for caring for your pets and managing your property in your absence. And all we charge is a small annual membership fee to join our network.

Background Checking and Online Reputation

We enable home owners to meet their sitters online and to background check them through a partner company called Onfido and to work with them safely through Username identification until you have checked their references and ready to either meet them personally or reveal your true identity and location. We also ask both Homeowners and House-sitters to review each other at the end of each housesit so that both parties begin to build an online reputation. It also helps to build mutual trust and understanding between both parties.

75% membership discount for all Tourism Concern members          

Our partnership with Tourism Concern is based on a shared philosophy of ethical and sustainable travel where both parties benefit equally. By working with Tourism Concern, HouseSitMatch has achieved an ambition to extend our members’ opportunities to travel ethically and sustainably, and to gain cultural insights from new communities without fear of exploiting that local community. Tourism Concern’s members will secure 75% off any membership programme at HouseSitMatch for both house-sitters and homeowners. Tourism Concern members, please log in to the ‘members area‘  to access your discount code!

Founded in the UK in 2013 HouseSit Match have already helped people in over 20 countries to find affordable pet and home care solutions online. Perhaps we can help you? For more information go to –

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