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Homestay Hikkaduwa is a 200 year old family villa located in the small town of Hikkaduwa; a village on the South Western Coast of Sri Lanka. The home stay offers an environment friendly accommodation experience with healthy Sri Lankan food and drinks. Homestay Hikkaduwa provides various actives such as an introduction to Sri Lankan cooking, farming, vegetable gardening and Buddhist activities (such as hermitages and alms giving). The home stay is a short walk to the heart of the town of Hikkaduwa and provides easy access to the Railway station, Bus stand, Super markets, and the Sunday fair. The Villa offers many modern facilities like WI-FI. Washing and Hi-fi. Rooms have an en-suit bath room with bidet and hot water.

The owners at Hikkaduwa Homestay personally invite visitors on excursions to historic sites in the area where the other guides have no interest. The Villa also provides a Jeep for you to go to the interesting places and explore the local area. Homestay Hikkaduwa has a passion for sharing the culture and the religion of the local area – Culture and religion is the identity of all countries and Hikkaduwa provides an authentic chance to learn more about Sri Lanka. Cooking Sri lankan food is also a key core value at Hikkaduwa Homestay  – visitors are invited to see and learn about Sri Lankan cooking methods, and guests are also invited to cook their favourite food. The Villa provides Sri Lankan food and all three meals are available on request.

Hikkaduwa is a family friendly home stay and welcome families with children. Children will have a wonderful time with the space around and the animals like land monitors, land lizards,mongoose, birds, cats, etc. Hikkaduwa is the perfect location if you are looking for a healthy, peaceful and quiet homestay –  no drinks or smoking is permitted on the premises.

Feel the culture and Taste the Sri lankan food at Hikkaduwa Homestay.

Hikkaduwa is the owners ancestral home and the owners are very passionate about the beautiful area. The villa is 200 years old and withstood the 2004 tsunami, although it required significant repairs. The Villa owners have been helping the poorer families in the region by employing them for farming and gardening jobs in which they are capable of. We have donated land for the community to build their houses after Tsunami – the Tamil community also received houses in the local land donated by us. We strive to continue helping the local community and tourism is a great way to support our local people.

Villa owners donated land for different ethnic groups in the area to rebuild their houses. We care for them and we respect them. The social equity should be acquired by sacrificing – this is something very important for people of the Buddhist faith. Furthermore, the villa owners provide personal excursions around the local area – which encourages tourists to visit the greater community and meet the local people – supporting the local economy.

The natural environment is vastly disappearing from Hikkaduwa – especially with urbanisation and construction. However, we are making various efforts to protect it. We are one of the few people in the area taking measures to protect the local land, I am proud of the local area and we want to keep it as it appeared 200 years ago. The 2004 Tsunami destroyed many things that belong to my family – I have made a great effort to preserve them as much as I could. Many people in Sri Lanka do not support the safeguard of the environment – instead they want to get loans and make cement structures – But I am the other way.



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