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We are a small tour company based at the Eastern part of india, specialising in special interest tours with a focus on people, life, culture and festivals. If you are looking for a deeper India, an authentic experience on the less traveled roads and believe in responsible travel then please contact us!

We have been providing small and special interest tours for the past 15 years. In all our tours we focus to bring benefit of tourism to the local community we visit and also ensure authentic travel experience for our loving guests.

We have our own volunteering wing Barefoot; which aims to empower local grassroots communities by making tourism a tool.

We have received National Tourism Award for our Green Rider Rickshaw initiative from Ministry of Tourism (Govt of India). We have also been successful with our responsible travel story award from Wild ASIA at ITB, Singapore. Our service as a responsible tour operator has been recommended in all leading guide books to India including lonely planet.

Recently we have initiated a community based tourism project at the remote tribal area at Koraput valley in Odisha, working to empower tribal youth. This project is in conjunction with Desia (also found on the ethical travel guide).

We are able to offer a 5% discount to Tourism Concern Members. However, if you email us directly  via Tourism Concern (contact details below), Heritage Tours can offer a further 10% extra off!

We have trained 50 poor cycle rickshaw pullers and branded them at Green Riders to show the heritage of the holy city after proper training , uniform etc which has touched their lives and also give tourists an opportunity to travel with out pollution.

We have trained more than 75 life guards at Puri beach in Odisha to earn a livelihood from tourism by setting up a model beach which is safe, clean and managed by the locals.

We are involved with Desia; a community managed rural tourism set up at the remote Tribal dominated Koraput valley which aims to bring the benefit of tourism to the local community and an alternative livelihood.

We have a policy of investing at least 15% of our profit for benefit of tourism by our sister organisation ‘BAREFOOT’ which is registered as a non profit.

We encourage locals to volunteer for various festive occasions, to assist local police in traffic management and beach cleaning activities.

We have beach cleaning activities at regular interval and also conducted several cleaning initiative to protect the heritage sites at our community.

We train students from schools though our junior ranger program, which is about the eco-system and conservation.

We are taking initiative to do more plantations, and to stop deforestation.



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