Help fund a film highlighting the issues caused by overtourism

Help us a fund a short film, produced by Tourism Concern Members and Barcelona residents, highlighting the issues caused by tourism in the city.

Across Europe a backlash is building against the spiralling growth of tourism in some of the continent’s most popular urban destinations. In Venice, Rome, Dubrovnik and Barcelona tensions are growing as local populations release their frustrations in growing protests as ramifications become increasingly severe and no clear answer seems to develop from local government.


With 30 million tourists descending on Barcelona each year, vastly outnumbered, 1.6 million residents are struggling to keep control of their city. Renowned for its’ warm welcome, Barcelona wrestles with this complex issue and tries to find a suitable strategy to combat mass tourism and promote local culture. But with mobs working the city, intimidating locals from their homes to make way for tourist apartments, residents are growing increasingly frustrated, caught between a desire to receive tourists and a fierce determination to preserve their daily way of life.

Samantha and Cristina would like to make a film highlighting the issues of over tourism in the city. The story will focus on a central character, as they pay the ultimate price for this uncontrolled consumerism, as they go through the emotional process of being evicted. We need to raise £1000 to fund the production and promotion of the film.

All donors will receive a preview link of the film and if you make a donation of £100 or more you will be added as a named supporter in the credits

About the film makers

Samantha Keon

I have been proud to be a member of Tourism Concern since March 2016. After years of travelling and working in the tourism and charity sectors, I have turned my hand to my greatest passion, documentary filmmaking. I recently moved to the beautiful city of Barcelona, and have got stuck in to investigating and documenting some of the city’s interesting characters. I have already tackled difficult subjects such as homelessness and disability in a series of short films for BCN MES, and I am no stranger to challenging shooting conditions.

During my experiences travelling and working in the tourism industry, I became extremely passionate about the impact our adventures have on local communities and on our planet. In an increasingly globalised world, I hope my work as a filmmaker will inspire people to preserve Earth’s cultural and natural beauty, before it is lost forever. I am keen to highlight some of tourism greatest challenges and to shed light on issues we can so easily miss in our consumeristic culture and in our excitement to explore new places.

Currently this is increasingly apparent in the impact of mass tourism on some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The number of visitors are spiralling out of control and destroying the cultures tourists are aiming to visit. Without a more conscientious approach we may be left with nothing more than a series of “theme parks” devoid of the local life which once made them so appealing.

Cristina Tomàs White

I have lived in Barcelona for almost 20 years, having also spent a good amount of time in the US, the UK and France. As someone who has completed studies in the social sciences, I have always been strongly motivated to understand and to challenge the pressing social issues I see around me.

It is only natural that I would become concerned by the very palpable effects tourism has had on day-to-day life for me and others in my neighbourhood and city: oversized crowds obstructing the Ciutat Vella’s narrow old streets, the mass proliferation of businesses providing overpriced services to tourist’s rather than necessary amenities for locals, the noise of revelling vacationers as locals are trying to sleep. Perhaps most dramatic of all are the rent hikes or evictions, despite stubbornly stagnant salaries, all to make way for grossly profitable tourist apartments.

As this issue has snowballed in my city I was drawn to investigate the development of tourism, as well as to make links to activists and different organisations that work within this domain and is why I am passionate about being a part of the team on this short film. I look forward to sharing the experiences of my home with an audience who shares my passion for socially responsible travel.

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