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Green Hills Ecotours is a team of local tour guides with aims to protect nature and promote responsible ecotourism within Rwanda; DR Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

We ensure our customers get a real lifetime experience while benefiting the well being of local people in the areas that we are travelling. Through our community based tours, our visitors experience the local lifestyle.

We are willing to offer a 5% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

We work very closer with local communities, first of all we create contact and friendship with them, we invite them and introduce our company mission and vision to a sustainable tourism, we show how and what is the role local has to pray and they understand that without communities there is no success in our mission.

We start creating and making new activities where local communities are involved and they do all management of these projects. Ror example: we have a cooperative for coffee farmers; when we have a visitor, the community fee we charge to the visitors is paid directly to community and later with their leader can decide on the use of money.

We are here to give advice and do advocacy, give training on what they are supposed to do while receiving visitors or Hosting them.

WE have already created different communities in all categories: we focus on vulnerable / disadvantaged people, adult, kids and our vision is to transform their lives. 

First of all we group people in cooperatives and we help then to find documents and give a vision their cooperatives, this gives opportunity to work hand in hand and bring unity in group, so then the money they will get from Tourism will be well managed and be used in positive ways.

We believe that we have to make first of all a community that has same understanding, same vision and same determination to their future, we also train them in being used to work in group, in equality, transparency and without any discrimination.

As our country had Genocide in 1994 we also talk much on unity and reconciliation where we all see the poverty problem and feel that we have to work hand in hand to get on solution. To get on our vision we also create attractions, trails and many tours which allow us to get more jobs to the people living in the area, we train those in poverty situation and give them jobs.

All people are equal in cooperative, the share is the same % to all cooperative members. 

With the local community, Government and Visitors with our company we have events to plant trees, educate people on government conservation and avoiding pollution.

Our philosophy says that we have to protect our planet and leave it safe to the next generation. 



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