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A travelife gold winner since 2010 and a silver award winner at The World Responsible Travel Awards, we strive for a better future through sustainable community holiday provision.

Footsteps provide holiday accommodation in Gambia for your perfect beach holiday. It has clear blue skies, golden sandy beaches that stretch for miles and lush green nature reserves. Most of all, its welcoming people are kind and gentle with smiles that will melt your heart. All of this only 6 hours from the UK with the same time zone which means no jet lag and you can be sipping cool drinks by our eco-pool or photographing tropical birds as soon as you arrive.

Footsteps is positioned 1 kilometre back from golden sandy beaches next to the protected Kunyoong Forest park in the South of Gambia and offers authentic intelligently designed cool accommodation in relaxed and friendly surroundings. Built in 2002 by two Englishmen, David White and Len Wright, its ethos is to offer a first class holiday experience for its guests while having little or no negative consequence to the environment or its custodians and their culture.

At our Lodge, as well as enjoying the area’s serenity and natural beauty, you can also try some of our local activities which include local cooking, nature trails, bird-watching, beach fishing, cycling and photography or join Sarani and Lamin on guided half and full day trips to areas of local interest such as the capital city of Banjul or the local village of Gunjur with its thriving market and busy fishing centre.

Catering for individual travelers and small groups alike, we offer a quiet tranquil setting for your Gambia holiday and are dedicated to finding the best in eco-solutions with all our power coming from solar panels! You will find comfortable clean rooms, fine Gambian / European food and we are home to Gambia’s only fresh water filtered pool which means if your’e a photographer or a birding enthusiast then your certainly in the right place at the right time. If fishing is your pleasure then The Gambia coastline produces some of the best fishing anywhere in the world

Footsteps Ecolodge provide a safe, satisfying and fulfilling experience for visitors, available to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability, or in other ways. Footsteps ecolodge are able to offer a 10% discount, along with additional exclusive benefits to Tourism Concern Members.

The growth and well being of Gunjur village has been at the heart of what Footsteps is about since our opening in 2002. Our vision for Footsteps in terms of cultural engagement in the next 2 years is to develop products which engage more local projects for tourists to visit, learn from and support.

Currently we are working with and one of Norway’s top artists Björg Thorhallsdottir to raise awareness for West African art and to develop an art platform where young artists can be nurtured creating a financially viable model for its future. Its success will be measured by an increased demand for African art created in The Gambia contributing to product development most needed in Gambia.

Also in our current season we have built 3 workshops showcasing the talents of our local wood carver Mallang, tailor Musa and silversmith Bai. Local woodworkers have the use of the workshops for free, and sell not only to our guests but supply the local people.

– All staff receive accredited training, fair pay, permanent contracts pension, health and holiday benefits.
– All suppliers are local to Gunjur.
– All fresh produce is grown at Footsteps or sourced locally without the use of pesticides.
– All meats used in our restaurant are sourced locally and are of the very highest standard.
– All fish and shellfish are sourced locally and are of the very highest standard.
– All dishes leaving our open view kitchen are cooked to order by qualified experienced chefs.
– All power is achieved via solar panels & kept in batteries providing electricity for guests comfort & convenience.
– All prices are fair & reflect local sustainability, decent work conditions, fair terms of trade for farmers & workers
– All the above are to ensure YOU get the holiday you deserve while ensuring LOCALS receive what they deserve.

Further information regarding our commitment to local engagement can be found here:

We aim to attract responsible travellers such as bird watchers and nature photographers. It is important to protect birds, wildlife and their natural habitats so by building a holiday around these interests we help the local community understand the importance of its protection as part of their livelihood resulting in them owning the responsibility themselves.

Composting toilets not only conserve valuable water but also turn waste into resource and significantly reduce the risk of contaminating the drinking water in villages. We have installed this method of toilet in staff compounds and other places in Gunjur and have also helped the Niaforang Youth Centre in Senegal by building a composting toilet and teaching the local builders how to make more – for more information check out



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