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As Vietnam’s local leader in customized trips and travel packages for over 10 years, Footprint Vietnam offers a comprehensive range of products and services from trekking, cycling to highlight tours, from responsible to educational tours. With our local expertise, our mission is to deliver true values to our travelers, partners and local community

Footprint’s mission is rooted in subtainable tourism. In order to show our commitment, we has applied for Travelife Certified status this year in which we meet all the criteria to improve our social, environmental and economic impacts. Firstly, we developed code of conduct book and make sure it is well communicated to everyone involved. Also, we’ve remained diligent in designing products that benefit the communities we visit.

Footprint has participated in delivering tourism training to villages in some regions of Northern Vietnam. All the households were equipped with knowledge and experience to do homestay, guiding and communication.We optimize the use of local products including guides, meals, handcrafts and homestayand make sure the benefits are wide spread throughout the community. As our tour options expand to educational and volunteering tour, we actively works with new communities to start new projects which support community needs.

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

We provide volunteering tour in which visitors and locals work together. depending on each regions and community’s need, they will together build infrastructure such as road, school, or teach English to students and so on.

We help maintain the culture by promoting different traditional handicrafts and performances. for example, we suggest our customers to go to different culture show instead of just focusing on water puppet show. 

We provided training to local people in terms of homestay, guiding and communication, especially in Sapa. Local people, including children usually follow visitors and sell handicrafts. The projects create jobs and generate income for them, making sure that their future will be developed subtainably.

The total revenue of Footprint’s community-based tour which goes directly to the community increased from 17% to 25% from 2013 to 2015. It is estimated that it will be grow to 30% in the next 2 years. 

We do not promote any tour regarding elphant riding since it is unethnical. In partnership with Halong bay Management board, Footprint and Indochina junk have partnered to launch a project called “For a Green Halong Bay”. This project took place in Vung Vieng fishing village, where there are many families living on the water and having impacts on the environments of Halong bay.

The campaign is to encourage local people and nearby businesses to collect litter and protect the appearance of Halong bay Vietnam, especially at the residential zones. finally, other than specialization in trekking and cycling, we change to eco-friendly products such as water, bag and so on to minimize the negative impacts in the environment.



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