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Specialists on Safaris, holidays & adventures in Africa & the Seychelles. Expert Africa is a travel company that is serious about organising safaris and holidays which really suit our travellers. All of our straight-talking team have travelled extensively in Africa; most of us have also lived and worked there. We’ll advise you from first-hand experience, guiding you to make well-informed decisions for the best possible trip. Then we’ll work hard to organise your holiday faultlessly, and all at a price that’s great value.

Ethical Commitment:

In regards to Responsible tourism policy, Expert Africa takes a committed and detailed approach. In January 2010 AITO, the Association of Independent Tour Operators, awarded Expert Africa its highest possible rating for responsible travel practices, a 5-star award. This is awarded on a point system where “a company fulfils a number of criteria covering the areas of Responsible Tourism policies, implementation of sustainable office practice, communication with customers, environmental practice and practical destination activity with the latter two areas having the most points allocated to them.”



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