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Tourism Concern’s Ethical Tour Operators Group* highlights how tourism can be a force for good; by collaborating with the socially responsible tour operators who are passionate about minimising negative impacts within the industry.

ETOG is formed by a group of small to medium size tour operators that strive to improve their Ethical and Responsible Tourism practices. We allow members to exchange ideas, explore and promote best practice – in a non-competitive atmosphere.


Ethical Volunteering


Ethical Volunteering Organisations

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Tourism Concern’s Ethical Volunteering Group* (GIVs) seeks to ensure that volunteering is a force for good by collaborating with ethical and responsible international volunteering organisations who are passionate about maximising the positive developmental outcomes of volunteering, whilst also working to minimise potential negative impacts.

Ethical Travel Partners

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Ethical Travel Partners

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Tourism Concern’s Ethical Travel Partners Group* include some of the very best places from around the world from our Ethical Travel Guide. Entries include places to stay, organisations, trips, tours and projects, from canoeing the backwaters of the Amazon to luxury breaks in the Indian Ocean. Places include very simple, local style accommodation or more sophisticated hotels with western plumbing. Our Ethical Travel Partners have been assessed and rated by Tourism Concerns team the Partners have shown a real commitment to ethical travel, by supporting those organisations that don’t have the resources or skills to market themselves.

*Members / Partners are assessed by Tourism Concern as part of their membership. However this is not an audit or certification system and does not mean they are recommended by Tourism Concern. It is your responsibility to check the information and to find out if the service, activity or organisation is right for you and able to safely meet your needs. Please read our Ethical Travel Guide FAQ and Disclaimer for more information. 

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