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Eco Trails Kerala offer socially responsible & eco-friendly tours in rural areas of Kerala, India. We provide exclusive opportunity for tourists to experience local activities like farming and fishing. We also provide guided tours to see the village life, local farms and historic areas.

We provide accommodation and organize socially responsible & eco-friendly tours by connecting rural areas & local people. We provide employment to local people & also incorporate local people as guides and drivers. We also promote organic food grown in the local farms & serve the same to our tourists. We promote eco-friendly practices in the villages.

We follow and encourage the guidelines stated in the “Responsible Tourist and Traveler”, which is a practical guide to help you make your trip an enriching experience. The advice is based on the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism of the World Tourism Organization. We agree that travel and tourism should be planned and practiced as a means of individual and collective fulfillment. When practiced with an open mind, it is an irreplaceable factor of self education, mutual tolerance and for learning about the legitimate differences between peoples and cultures and their diversity. Everyone has a role to play creating responsible travel and tourism. Governments, business and communities must do all they can, but as a guest you can support this in many ways to make a difference

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

  • We try our best to include and encourage participation by local people in our tourism ventures.
  • We provide opportunities to local people to be involved in the activities like Tour guides, Taxi drivers and other aspect of our tourism service.

Eco Trails Kerala offers a full range of accommodation but specializes in the promotion of small local-owned accommodation, including private villas, bungalows and guesthouses, which provides good economic returns to local communities.

Eco Trails Kerala employs only local guides and drivers. Moreover, We employ all our drivers on fair terms, ensuring they receive a proper wage for their services and have access to acceptable facilities, including accommodation.

Eco Trails Kerala’s drivers and guides will suggest where you can purchase appropriate locally-produced products and gifts, rather than imported goods, including good local restaurants that specialise in Kerala’s aromatic and spicy cuisine.

We request our suppliers to employ local people wherever possible and make use of local produce, manufacturers and other services (where local standards permit). Eco Trails Kerala also purchasing fruit, vegetables, fish and poultry from local markets for the use of Tourists.

Eco Trails Kerala offers tips and guidelines to all travelers on how to avoid causing negative impacts on environmental eco-systems and advice on how they can make best use of local services. In particular, Eco Tours Kerala encourages water and electricity conservation. Travelers are provided information on waste & pollution, and also urged to be careful to discourage unsustainable practices.

We communicate our belief that environmental responsibility is essential to tourism’s sustainability and are encouraging sustainable practices to help environmentally conscious travelers select their accommodation. This voluntary guide will identify Kerala’s hotel’s that are tackling environmental and conservation issues seriously.

We re-use and recycle paper and print cartridges. We reduce paper waste by avoiding unnecessary printouts. We use a website and e-mail as our primary marketing platform, and avoid the publication of glossy brochures and mail-outs. 



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