drinksafeDrinksafe-Systems are a UK based company that design and test safe drinking-water products. Drinksafe-Systems are a world leader in water filtration and purification technology, with all products meeting thorough testing requirements by worldwide bodies (including authorities in Australia, South Africa, USA and UK). The filter systems have been supplied to over 3 million people, including usage by the Red Cross & peacekeeping forces. In May 2011, 75,000 systems were sent to the Haiti Disaster Relief appeal.

Tourism Concern have partnered with Drinksafe-Systems to encourage travellers to carry reusable and reliable water filtration bottles. Tourism Concern members have access to a 15% discount on all Drinksafe-System products – see the members area to claim your ‘discount coupon’.

When travelling to a new destination, one of the first questions asked by many tourists is: “is the water ok to drink?” The risk of waterborne disease has the potential to ruin a trip and it is of upmost importance to stay hydrated. For these reasons we still find many travellers erring on the side of caution and only drinking water from plastic bottles – used once and thrown away. In many developing countries where water quality is questionable, there is also little infrastructure for plastic recycling. Hence, plastic waste becomes an eye-saw in what was previously a pristine environment. Plastic waste, especially from plastic water bottles, has become a massive challenge in tourist destinations impacting famous tourist destination such as mountain treks in Nepal and surf beaches in Bali, Indonesia.

Did you know that there are ~50 billion water bottles consumed every year, about 30 billion of them in the US. There are a plethora of environmental impacts related to plastic bottle usage and waste, a handful of these include:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions & natural resources consumed by the processing, transporting & refrigerating of bottled water.
  • Plastic is an inert material. Water bottles are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics, PETs don’t biodegrade; they ‘photodegrade’ (which means they break down into smaller fragments over a long period time).
  • 10% of the plastic manufactured worldwide ends up in the ocean – the majority of that settling on the ocean floor where it won’t degrade (Greenpeace).
  • Plastic waste acts as a deathtrap for many animals, marine life and birds.
  • Many reports have stated that plastic leaches into the water from the bottle itself, which has been linked to health issues like reproductive problems and even cancer (huffingtonpost.com).

Drinksafe-Systems are based in Plymouth, UK and all products are UK made. The Berkefeld gravity filters are ideal for home, holidays or emergency response. All Drinksafe systems are proven to remove various waterborne threats including Cryptosporidium, E- Coli , Cholera, Salmonella and protozoa. The patented technology also reduces chemicals and compounds including fluoride, chlorine and sediment.

Drinksafe-Systems provide a range of products including large volume ‘basecamp systems’, plug-in systems such as ‘tap safe’ and multi-use filtered water bottles. All systems are ultra lightweight, recyclable and have an inbuilt ‘auto-shutdown system’ which protects against contamination, whilst providing instant purified filtered water.

Tourism Concern recommend the full range of products on offer by Drinksafe-Systems, especially the multi-use filtered water bottles such as the Explorer (1L canteen), Travel Tap (800ml bottle), Eco-stainless (750ml bottle).

For a full list of products – check out Drinksafe-Systems at http://drinksafe-systems.co.uk

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Hi - I joined tourism concern as a volunteer in early 2014 and have been assisting with research and membership. I have a background in environmental management and business administration; with a Master's degree in Environmental management and policy. I am an avid traveller with key interests in community based tourism & highlighting the impacts of All-inclusive holidays.

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