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We are a travel agency originally from Croatia and we provide day trips, short breaks and week long kayaking, walking, hiking, cycling tours and multi sport tours from Dubrovnik to Zagreb.

We are working in small groups up to 7 people. Our guides are professionals and they know the areas that we are operate very well – many of which are students and on this way they are earning money for their college.

Also, we support local community, our guests are staying in private guesthouses owned by local families, visiting cultural and historical places and eating in specially chosen local restaurants also owned by local people. Our moto is ‘feel like a local’ and it pushes us forward to give our guests best of Croatia.

We are willing to provide a 10% discount on any of our tours to Tourism Concern Members.

We support local community, our guests are staying in local guesthouses owned by local families, our groups are eating in specially chosen local restaurants also owned by local people where they are getting fish from local fishermen and vegetables from local farmers or from their own gardens.

Our guides are students who are earning money for their education on this way and also for living. We have tours on islands and on that way we are providing longer working season for local people from the islands and on that way they are staying longer on the island. 

Our guests are staying in few local guesthouses and we are trying to get to our accommodation providers same numbers of guests but of course it depend of the number of our guests on the islands. Also, every day our guests are eating in different restaurants and on that way our guests have opportunity to taste some of the typical local specialities and every week we organise dinner on local farm where everything is homemade.

Our tours are especially planned trips made for all age groups, for family groups with small children and also for mature people. It is important to notice that no prior experience in kayaking, hiking or cycling is needed. 

Kayaks do not harm the local natural environment. They are made of recycling plastic and they don’t make any damage for the environment. Food in the local restaurants we visit during our trips is produced organically where possible. 



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Kai Ulrik

Hi - I joined tourism concern as a volunteer in early 2014 and have been assisting with research and membership. I have a background in environmental management and business administration; with a Master's degree in Environmental management and policy. I am an avid traveller with key interests in community based tourism & highlighting the impacts of All-inclusive holidays.

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