Desia – The story of Koraput Valley

Go ‘off the beaten’ track to explore the Tribal Wonder Land at Koraput valley in Odisha and have an authentic Rural Indian experience. Desia provides an Indian experience backed by warm hospitality of local community, the aged old tribal culture and the pristine landscape.

Desia is an initiative focused on remote tribes that dominate Koraput valley in Odisha, India. Desia has an objective to bring the benifit of tourism to the grassroots local tribes and Harijan community, based on the principles of responsible travel.

We also aim to preserve local culture, cuisine and music as the social life at the tribal villages are changing fast by the influence of unplanned development. Desia aims to be a place for study of tribal culture in times to come.

Desia welcomes International volunteers to lend a helping hand in terms of skill development for the locals. By achieving a listing in the Tourism Concern Ethical travel guide, we want to reach the like-minded international community in the field of ethical tourism and learn from the travellers to realise or add value to our Dream.

Keep in mind that this area unique. Foreign tourist need permit to visit the area which we can arrange on prior request. Be mindful that ethical photography is respected in the region and photography is prohibited in some areas.

Your visit makes a difference to achieve the goal of Desia! We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members, along with exclusive benefits such as: a/ obtaining visiting permit for the tribal area (as per law ) with out any charge, and b/ complimentary pick up or drop from the nearest west railway station if the stay is more than 4 nights.

We support the community by providing quality seeds for potato farming , craft training , blanket for older people during winter, preschool for the local children by hiring a teacher on regular basis, art workshop for children are some of the activities where we engage with the community.

The income generated at Desia is totally spent there to pay the salary to staff, repayment of loan to bank and add necessary infrastructure as per requirement.

We have involved various tribes and non-tribe groups in the process and have given equall opportunity to all.

Special attention was given to to empower the local women from the below poverty line by providing training and employment. Also sponsored guide training course to local youths to earn making Toursim a tool

We have used solar powered pack for lights along with conventional electricity as back up. We adopt policy of minimum use of plastic. We procure from small farmer and grow our own vegetable. We have encouraged the local school children to plant trees and supported with more tha 200 mango trees sabbling.



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