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If you are a UK resident please sign our petition which will automatically send an email to John Hayes MP, the Minister of State for Maritime issues. You will receive an automatic response from his constituency office, however the email is addressed to him as the Minister, so we would expect a reply from him as such, in due course.

If you are not a UK resident we are also sending a petition to major cruise ship companies and hope to have 1,000 signatures by the end of the year.

Dear John Hayes MP, UK Minister of State for Maritime,

I am writing to you, as the Minister responsible for Maritime issues, because I am concerned about the use of Flags of Convenience in the cruise ship industry. Companies such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean are either partly UK owned or target UK tourists. Therefore it is our business if they are using flags of convenience to circumvent tax and employment rights.

I am sure you will agree that cruise ships, like all companies, must be subject to proper regulation. Currently the cruise ship industry is poorly regulated, which results in damage to the environment,  unfair employment practices and curtails real benefits to local destinations. 

We ask that you find a way to stop Flags of Convenience, and to work with international organisations to create a cruise industry regulated by negotiated trade union agreements, that are based on respect for basic human rights and a fair wage.

We urge you to put pressure on the industry immediately to minimise the environmental impact of their vessels, pay fair prices for the goods and services they commission, offer fair employment to all their staff, and be open and transparent about their operations.

UK tourists deserve greater transparency over all aspects of cruise holidays and there is a clear role and responsibility  for government to play in this regard.

Thank you

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