Cork Forest Conservation Alliance – ‘From Bark to Bottle’

The Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA) an NGO based in North America – with a sole mission to preserve and protect the Mediterranean cork forests. The CFCA has developed an 11 day eco-tour of the Spanish cork forests – from bark to bottle. The CFCA have partnered with a local Spanish eco-tour company, Two Birds – One Stone to provide an environmentally friendly, immersion into the world of the cork forests and it peoples.

During the from Bark to Bottle tour,  you will travel to three different cork forest regions; Extremadura, Andalucia and Catilonia. The tour will visit the cork forests during harvest, we will spend time the harvesters, lunch with them and learn about the singularly unique “Cork Oak” tree. Visits to a cork museum and cork manufacturing facility will provide not only the rich history of cork, but also the sustainable and environmentally friendly production of cork.

The 11 day tour will take you to three UNESCO cites in heart of the cork region – guests will stay in beautiful agro-tourismos in the forests and quant, but luxurious hotels in the UNESCO cities. We will explore the culture and gastronomy of the cork forests, by visiting artisanal cheese, wine and olive oil producers. This eco-tour is designed for the traveler who wants to experience the foods, wine, nature and culture of Spain, not the “typical” tour of Spain. Your guides will be members of the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance and Two Birds – One Stone Ecotour Company. All accommodation, travel and meals are included in the cost.

Our mission for this tour is bring awareness, (to both the people of North America & worldwide), of these remarkable forests, its people, culture and gastronomy. The CFCA has made the decision to not take any profit from these tours, to ensure that the people of the cork forest regions receive the greatest financial benefits.  The tours will commence in 2015.

The CFCA are able to provide an exclusive benefit to Tourism Concern Members – including a “gift package” of a CFCA T-shirt and a set of 6 recycled cork coasters.

The CFCA does not take any profit from these tours – this ensures that the communities of the cork forest regions receive the greatest financial benefits. By providing financial support for the peoples of the cork forests – we feel that we maintain and strengthen the quality of life in the local communities. The CFCA has a ‘Special Consultative’ status with the United Nations Economic and Social Department, which ensures our commitment to all aspects of Community Well-being.

The CFCA is taking no financial profit from these tours, we feel the greatest support we can provide to the people of the cork forests is to bring concerned and engaged travelers to the forests to help bring a financial stimulus to one of the most economically depressed regions of Spain.

We seek a widespread and fair distribution of economic and social benefits from tourism throughout the local community, including improving opportunities, income and services available to the poorest. We have made a commitment to working only with local business people, to make sure that all of the money spent in the cork forest region, stays there.

We are the worlds leading cork forest conservation organisation. Therefore,  we work with the governments of all 7 cork producing countries on re-forestation, conservation and economic development. We look to maintain and enhance the quality of landscapes, both urban and rural, and avoid the physical and visual degradation of the environment.



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