Club Peace and Plenty

Club Peace and Plenty is located in the center of George Town, the capital of Great Exuma. We offer a fabulous view of Elizabeth Harbor, diving and snorkeling, beaches a short 5 minute ride either on Exuma or Stocking Island, fishing for bone, grouper, snapper, tuna, marlin and tarpon, historical sites, seafood and local Bahamian dishes and some of the friendliest people in the world. Our rooms have A/C, fan, en suite bathroom, balcony, hair dryer,coffee maker, TV and wifi. We have three (3) two room suites, one of which is handicap accessible.

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Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop – Programme Manager Tourism Concern. Peter became a trustee of Tourism Concern in 2006, stepping down in 2009 in order to work on projects including our DFID-funded ‘Empowering Coastal Communities’ project, the Gap Year and International Volunteering Standard, and research into employment conditions in all-inclusive hotels.

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