The Child-Centred Model of International Volunteering

Ben Lambert, is the Seaver Foundation’s 2016 programme coordinator and shares his thoughts and conclusions of his research, undertaken whilst a volunteer “Along their journey, The Seaver Foundation found that listening to children’s voices in terms of what they need, want, and feel during their interactions with volunteers on different projects, helps to create a positive experience for all.” […]

Small is Beautiful and Green

Nicola Caygill gives a fresh perspective on cruising. Most of you will be aware of the  questionable practices of big ship cruises, both environmental and social.  I want to balance this with good news from the small ship tourism sector.  I run a small ship cruise company that sells trips on small ships of around […]

Slum Tourism – more than a matter of money

Academic Fabian Frenzel proposes a new way of evaluating slum tourism. Slum tourism, my current research interest, can be defined as a specific niche activity within international tourism. It describes the one million tourists that annually visit a slum, a township or a favela, normally in organised three-hour tours. But slum tourism can also be […]

Five Tips for Airbnb Trips

‘Live there!’ smiles the Airbnb advert seductively. I was seduced years ago quite happily into using the booming ‘sharing economy’ of social media travel sites to find accommodation.  In fact I used one recently to get a cheap bed in outer London before a Tourism Concern conference. My night in my host’s spare room gave […]

Who benefits from slum tourism?

With two months to go till the Rio Olympics, we’re revisiting an issue we’ve addressed before – the pros and cons of ‘slum’ tourism. Many people are probably instinctively uncomfortable with the idea of wealthy tourists paying money to look at poor people. However as tourists seek out new experiences these tours are growing in […]

Broken Promises threaten my Marine Paradise

Blake Dowling uncovers the troubling impact of tourism development on North Bimini in the Bahamas. Just 50 miles from Miami is the closest Bahamian Island, Bimini. It is a top-10 destination for me and has been for 20 years. Bimini consists of three islands, and it is paradise worth visiting. The main island is seven […]

Sri Lanka’s new winners in the tourism game

Sumesh Mangalasserry , a sustainable tourism campaigner and director of Keralan tourism operator Kabani, reflects on a disturbing recent visit to Sri Lanka. I was recently invited to visit Sri Lanka by NAFSO, an association of the fisher folk in Sri Lanka, and the Society for Threatened People, a Swiss based human rights organisation, in […]

5 Tips Cruise Lines Don’t Give You!

Cruising is everywhere and we’re all at it, though I’m not personally tempted to queue up for one of the 2,747 cabins on the new ‘Harmony of the Seas’.  So Tourism Concern’s new members’ briefing on the cruise industry may not be a happy read but it’s certainly a timely one. The first time Tourism […]