The 1 billionth passenger: A cause of concern or celebration?

( Although this article was written in 2012 it is still just as topical today- Christy Hehir presents her hope for a more consumer-led tourism that will threaten the mass tourism industry and give rise to a more local and democratic industry.) 2012 is set to see the 1billionth passenger – and whilst this is a […]

How to give!

Many tourists wonder how best to give back whilst exploring the different corners of the planet. However, without careful consideration misguided philanthropy can have disastrous consequences for local communities. So what exactly can the consequences be and how can you be sure your gift doesn’t have a negative impact on the lives of the community […]

Falkland Islands: living on the edge of the earth

Mark Stratton discusses life on the 778-island archipelago that is the Falklands Islands and where tourism is an increasingly significant part of the economy  (article reprinted courtesy of Wanderlust Magazine) Island survival doesn’t come much tougher than on the Falklands archipelago, the place to meet a wealth of wonderful wildlife and the equally resilient human […]

Eco-tourism with a difference at Karibuni

Writer Suzanne Elvidge shares her enthusiasm for an ecotourism project that really does deliver in more ways than one.  When you’re flicking through the gorgeous, glossy pages of a travel magazine, browsing Trip Advisor, or reading travel blogs online, the words ‘green’, ‘eco’ and ‘sustainable’ are scattered everywhere like daisies on a lawn. I’ve realised […]

Go on a favela tour. Though you probably won’t see ‘The City of God’

In the wake of the Rio Olympics, Ryan Goode discusses whether tourists should visit one of the many favela tours. Rio de Janeiro is expecting 380,000 international tourists to descend on the city for the 2016 Summer Olympics beginning Friday night. Many of these tourists will face an ethical dilemma: should they consider visiting one […]

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