A true community based tourism that had an impact in poverty reduction in northern Ethiopia

I am Girma Tadele, the founder of Tadele Travel, and I was once a member of community based tourism initiative. I joined TESFA (Tourism in Ethiopia for Sustainable Future Alternative) in early 2007, three years after the initiative was launched. I had been attracted into TESFA by the stories told by a good friend of […]

Growing human rights violations caused by over-tourism

The International Tribunal on Evictions (ITE) is a peoples’ and opinion tribunal established in 2011 by the International Alliance of Inhabitants and civil society organisations for the World Zero Evictions Days to practically and interactively put forced evictions from around the world in the dock.   International Tribunal on Evictions – Session on Tourism (Venice, […]

A Spellbound Tale of Volunteer Tourisms Misleading Magical Experiences

This article highlights the dark side of the growing ‘voluntourism’ movement, paying particular attention to ‘orphanage tourism’ and the work of JK Rowling’s  Charity ‘Lumos’, as well as offering some useful suggestions of how we can repair some of the damage!    Written by Kirstyn Bowe a student at Plymouth University – Academic member. Volunteer tourism, once considered “a form of […]

Mexico: The Impact of Trump’s Proposed Wall on Tourism

This post discusses Mexico, Tourism and President Trump. It was written by Nicole Bergstrom  a seasoned traveler and freelance journalist. After 20 years working in the corporate world, she started a new career path by combining two of her passions, writing and traveling.  To read more see her blog @ www.nicolethetravelscribe.com Donald Trump appears to have an issue […]

Earth Day and Tourism – 9 Ways Travellers Can Help the Earth Right Now

Earth Day and Tourism In the words of environmental activist and actor Leonardo Dicaprio, “Climate change is real. It is happening right now, it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop procrastinating.” The environment is a top global priority that can be supported through […]

Can Cultural Tourism help bring peace and stability to our diverse civilizations?

Can Cultural Tourism help bring peace & stability to our diverse civilizations? Cultural Tourism, a well-established tourism niche, is typically an interesting and fun opportunity where one can take exotic photos, have moments of “oohs and aahs”, and experience something different to one’s own culture. The host’s role is to dress up into something that […]

Stolen Stories! – Yana Spencer

Stolen Stories! – Yana Spencer Yana Spencer is a journalist and women’s right activist, currently based in SE Asia. She runs Tamu Bakery, a social enterprise which empowers women survivors of gender-based violence through the power of baking. Hundreds of women around the world have benefited from her innovative baking therapy sessions.   Every woman […]

Residents in control: locally owned Favela Tours in Brazil

Residents in control: locally owned Favela Tours in Brazil In the first of a series of stories from Brazil about slum tourism, Elisa Spampinato shares her positive experience with Museu de Favela, which she came across whilst doing field research in Rio de Janeiro. Located on Cantagalo Hill in the centre of Rio de Janeiro, […]

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