Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15

Our Annual Report and Accounts Over the year we continued to work on a range of educational and awareness raising activities, developing our strategies and aims through research and consultation. We produced two reports, one on All Inclusive resorts and the other on volunteering; however our main focus was on launching the new website and […]

BAM – Bamboo Clothing

BAM is a small eco-ethical clothing company that offers bamboo clothing for men, women and Children. BAM is based in Plymouth, UK and was launched in June 2006 by founder David Gordon. BAM offers a wide range of clothing including; base layers & underwear, gear for fitness & outdoor activities, along with comfy luxurious items. Tourism Concern and BAM joined […]

Are you appropriately covered?

With the holiday season approaching, bringing awareness to British travellers who have the wrong insurance or even no insurance remains a priority for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Research shows that 30% of travellers aged between 16-24 were uninsured in 2013-14, and 41% of overall British travellers didn’t think it was necessary to purchase travel insurance for their trip abroad. Whilst the lack […]

Travel Insurance

Tourism Concern have partnered with Just Insurance Agents Limited, a specialist travel insurance broker offering dynamic and tailored travel insurance solutions, to provide a wide range of competitive products covering both single trip and annual multi-trip. Travellers can support Tourism Concern by using the online booking or telephone 0800 231 5532 to arrange their travel insurance needs […]


Drinksafe-Systems are a UK based company that design and test safe drinking-water products. Drinksafe-Systems are a world leader in water filtration and purification technology, with all products meeting thorough testing requirements by worldwide bodies (including authorities in Australia, South Africa, USA and UK). The filter systems have been supplied to over 3 million people, including […]

HouseSit Match

Tourism Concern & HouseSit Match Partnership – 75% discount to Tourism Concern Members. Living like a local can be enlightening, and enormously satisfying as a tourist focused on ethical and sustainable travel. Whether you are volunteering through an organised programme, or simply hankering to sample a culture in a foreign neighbourhood, a new partnership recently formed […]

Help us protect Alleppey backwaters

Donate today to this campaign   The people of Alleppey need your help! Beautiful Allepey in Kerala, India, is the hub of the state’s backwaters tourism industry. As more and more tourists visit the area, its rising environmental and social problems are becoming more urgent to solve. With support from Tourism Concern, local groups are already carrying […]


Viverde (live + green) is a travel agency that emerged from a passion of a Brazilian couple for the Amazon – jungle, climate, people, the will to explore the unexplored, to live an adventure and pass the sensation of freedom and joy to other people. Hence, in 1993 when some industries in the Industrial District […]