Indigenous people and tourism – report launch

Launch is planned for January 26th January 2017* Human zoos, exploitation and dubious ‘traditions’ that actually inhibit real cultural exchange – the relationship between tourists and indigenous people is complex and frequently disappointing for both, with often only tour operators benefiting. However tourism can bring in much-needed revenue to indigenous communities – who are often […]

Beneath the surface of tourism in Bali

 Thomas Wright PhD Candidate in Anthropology, The University of Queensland,  highlights the water crisis in Bali, that has come about, largely through mismanaged tourism! Originally published on The Conversation. Picture– Thousands of people in Bali have joined a movement to reject land reclamation in Benoa Bay. “For thrill seekers and chill seekers” – that’s the phrase the […]

Sol y Luna

Surrounded by the mountains, at a short distance from Machu Picchu, Sol y Luna gathers both cultural and natural diversity of this country in an exquisite experience of contrast. The harmony in the environment, eclectic architecture and select Popular Arts, bestow us the character of Peru. Using the products of every local harvest, we offer […]

Indigenous People and Tourism – Film and discussion

Indigenous peoples are self-defined groups of ethnically and culturally distinct peoples, whose language, traditions and social institutions have largely withstood the impacts of colonisation or other incoming groups and cultures to a region. Whilst indigenous tourism can be very positive, a form of revitalisation for their cultures and a force of empowerment for the people. Other instances see […]

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