Barcelona Overtourism Introduction

Across Europe a backlash is building against the spiralling growth of tourism in some of the continent’s most popular urban destinations. In Venice, Rome, Dubrovnik and Barcelona tensions are growing as local populations release their frustrations in growing protests as ramifications become increasingly severe and no clear answer seems to develop from local government. With […]

Indigenous people and tourism – report launch

Launch is planned for January 26th January 2017* Human zoos, exploitation and dubious ‘traditions’ that actually inhibit real cultural exchange – the relationship between tourists and indigenous people is complex and frequently disappointing for both, with often only tour operators benefiting. However tourism can bring in much-needed revenue to indigenous communities – who are often […]

Indigenous People and Tourism – Film and discussion

Indigenous peoples are self-defined groups of ethnically and culturally distinct peoples, whose language, traditions and social institutions have largely withstood the impacts of colonisation or other incoming groups and cultures to a region. Whilst indigenous tourism can be very positive, a form of revitalisation for their cultures and a force of empowerment for the people. Other instances see […]

Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15

Our Annual Report and Accounts Over the year we continued to work on a range of educational and awareness raising activities, developing our strategies and aims through research and consultation. We produced two reports, one on All Inclusive resorts and the other on volunteering; however our main focus was on launching the new website and […]

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