Water Equity in Tourism

 Tourism Concern has always campaigned to promote and protect the right to water of local communities in the face of increasing competition from the tourism industry. But from 2010-2103 we focused in a major way on this issue. Through our campaigning we brought back into the global spotlight one of the most glaring inequities raised by tourism today. […]

Empowering Coastal Communities in Southern India

Aggressive tourism development along the coast of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India continues to exploit vulnerable communities, creating a range of human rights issues, from displacement and loss of livelihood, to social and environmental issues. This undermines traditional lifestyles. Our Tsunami of Tourism campaign (2007-09) raised awareness of many of these issues, and in […]

Fighting displacement in East Africa

One of the most severe effects of tourism development is the forced displacement of people from their homes. Our campaigning efforts focused particularly on the Maasai and other tribal people of East Africa. Tourism Concern was contacted by Maasai people from Tanzania asking for help, declaring quite simply in hand-written letters: “tourism is killing us.” […]

Displacement and land rights in Sri Lanka

Under our Tsunami and Displacement Project, Tourism Concern campaigned for the land and livelihood rights of tsunami-affected coastal communities in Sri Lanka. Following the 2004 tsunami, fishing communities that had lived by the sea for time immemorial were being permanently relocated to houses several kilometres inland, ostensibly to protect them from another tsunami. They could […]

Slum Tourism

Is it ever right for tour operators to offer excursions to slums? Like us, you are probably uncomfortable with the idea of wealthy tourists paying money to look at poor people. But is there a way that such tours could ever be ethical and help alleviate poverty? “Poverty tourism”, “poorism”, “slum tourism”, “favela tours”, “township […]

Sun, Sand, Sea and Sweatshops

Making the world’s biggest industry fair While we relax in the sunshine around the world, life is far from paradise for the waiters, cleaners, cooks, porters, drivers, receptionists and other staff working to make our holidays enjoyable. Tourism is the world’s biggest industry, employing an estimated 220 million people worldwide. It is an industry that […]

The Burma Campaign

The Issue Tourism development in Burma (increasingly referred to as Myanmar) has been explicitly linked with mass human rights abuses perpetrated by the ruling military regime, including displacement and forced labour. Tourism revenues have served to line the pockets of the generals and helped furnish them with a veneer of legitimacy, while providing limited benefit to […]

Save Bimini

The Bahamian islands of Bimini are famed for their pristine beaches and rich marine life, making them a popular holiday destination. In 2005, Bimini’s natural habitats and the livelihoods of local residents came under threat from the development of a mega-resort on North Bimini island – the Bimini Bay Resort and Marina. The project, overseen […]