Should I use Airbnb?


In the decade or so since their beginnings as matchmakers for lonely spare rooms, online letting platforms in the new sharing economy have mushroomed, and morphed into popular players in the holiday property rental market. But the internet is humming with fury and anxiety about the havoc this new travel phenomenom is causing.   Is […]

Ethical Animal Encounters


It always surprises me how long it’s taken for the world to realise that most of the animal tourism activities we have participated in for many years involves the harm and exploitation of animals. Only recently have animal activists begun to break through the social media feeds to shed light on the harmful effects of […]

Impacts of mega-events on human trafficking in Brazil

The article was written by Tereza Kubistova, Tourism Concern volunteer and student at the University of Northampton. She is looking into doing her master’s in social impacts of Tourism, which will lead her career towards focusing on human rights, economic leakage and human trafficking. This article was primarily used as an academic paper and then […]

4th Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chain Conference


The latest figures reveal that there are approximately 40 million people living in modern slavery worldwide. According to the International Labour Organisation, 25 million people are trapped in forced labour while children account for 10 million of the overall total. Interestingly, modern slavery used to be perceived as an issue that existed in third world […]

International Seminar on Tourism and Rights

The “International Seminar on Tourism and Rights – a Map of Contradictions” took place between 12 and 13 June at Sesc 24 de Maio, São Paulo. The conference was a chance to reflect on the democratisation of access and the impacts of tourist practices. Tourism Concern has worked with SESC previously and Mark Watson was […]

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