Sol y Luna

Surrounded by the mountains, at a short distance from Machu Picchu, Sol y Luna gathers both cultural and natural diversity of this country in an exquisite experience of contrast. The harmony in the environment, eclectic architecture and select Popular Arts, bestow us the character of Peru. Using the products of every local harvest, we offer […]

Pachamama Turismo Alternativo

Pachamama Turismo Alternativo is a local tourism operator that promotes alternative and responsible tourism in Peru.¬†Supporting intercultural exchange between travellers and locals in an interdependent, durable and respectful way, we offer our clients the opportunity to know places and communities different from the traditionnal tourism thanks to our programs covering Peru and Bolivia. We belong […]

Mano a Mano

Mano a Mano is a non-profitable organisation that is carrying on projects of development in a Northern slum of Lima, Peru. All the benefits from the activity of tourism are used to finance the various projects of the association.¬†Thus, tourists can come, to discover all the projects carried on by the association. It permits raising […]

Travel & Healing

Travel and Healing, design and operate unique travel packages in Peru for people looking to renew their vitality, who seek cultural integration, adventure, cuisine, pilgrimages and spiritual retreats, integrating traditional experiences, especially those related to healing and wellness. Our Principles centre upon ‘Alli Kausay’, this means quality of life or good living in the Andean […]

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