Maquipucuna Reserve & Ecolodge

The nearly 15,000 acres Maquipucuna Reserve, located just 50 miles from downtown Quito, harbors about 10% of Ecuador’s plant diversity and 4% of all the bird species known for the entire planet! Maquipucuna has the category of Protected Forest and has been declared as Important Bird Area (IBA). The visit to the Reserve and the […]

Runa Tupari Native Travel

The development of a sustainable and socially responsible tourism sector in the region requires the active participation of rural communities. Rural community tourism not only helps to create additional income and jobs for families in rural areas; it also adds value to their culture, traditions and heritage. Runa Tupari wants to connect visitors and inhabitants, […]

The Black Sheep Inn

The Black Sheep Inn is 100% community operated and managed, and has been voted in the “Top 10 Eco Lodge in the World” by Outside Magazine. Enjoy the comfortable chalet-like lodge, relax around woodstove fireplaces, play scrabble and sip a glass of Ecuadorian Rum or a hot chocolate, pamper yourself with hot showers, delight in […]

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