Eduk Travel

Eduk Travel was created to develop and coordinate volunteer programs combined with ecotourism and/or community based tourism. Eduk Travel works together with NGO’s  to help solve local social problems. The volunteers work in social or environmental projects where they will contribute to a long term project in the community as well as participating in day trips […]

Uakari Floating Lodge – Mamirauá Reserve

The Uakari floating Lodge is one of the projects of Community Based pioneers in Brazil. The main focus is working to empower communities in the management of the activity and create incentives for these communities promote the conservation of natural resources of the area. The Uakari Floating Lodge is inserted inside a pioneering conservation project […]

Coop Xixuau

Situated around 500 kms North West if Manaus the Xixuau is an area of pristine rain forest measuring 178.000 hectares. It is home to many species of animal in danger of exctintion elsewhere in the Amazon, like the giant otter, jaguar, black caiman, both species of river dolphin, harpy eagle, many types of monkeys and […]

Tekoa Brasil

Tekoa Brasil was created with a desire to provide experiences & tours that combine environmentally conscious eco/adventure tourism with an emphasis on local culture. We develop programs that combine nature and sustainability, with an emphasis on community-based tourism, creating relationships with our travelers and local communities – therefore a deeper understanding of Brazil. While we primarily conduct our ecotourism tours […]

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