5 Tips Cruise Lines Don’t Give You!

Cruising is everywhere and we’re all at it, though I’m not personally tempted to queue up for one of the 2,747 cabins on the new ‘Harmony of the Seas’.  So Tourism Concern’s new members’ briefing on the cruise industry may not be a happy read but it’s certainly a timely one. The first time Tourism […]

Cruises Undercover

Reporter Paul Myles writes about his experience as an undercover waiter on board the cruise ship. Stepping off the ship after five weeks on board proved a bittersweet experience. My profound sense of relief was tainted as I thought about my colleagues back on the ship, forcing me to confront some uncomfortable truths about my […]

Save Bali’s Benoa Bay!

Campaigners resisting a major new tourism development in Bali are calling for support from around the world. Southern Bali is already experiencing overdevelopment and an oversupply of accommodation. Yet this is where a proposed new mega resort may go ahead if the government cannot be persuaded to turn down proposals. The site, Benoa Bay, is […]

In this ethical boycott who wins?

Mel Keyte sets out the short term impact of a boycott aiming for long term change. Tourists used to flock to see the legendary ‘long-neck’ women in northern Thailand. Now, amid campaigns to ‘Stop the Human Zoo’, the steady stream of visitors has dried up. And so has their money. Propped up by a set of […]

Pack Mule Welfare Abuses in Mountain Tourism

Written by Glen Cousquer, veterinary surgeon and international mountain leader: A scandal waiting to break The suffering of pack mules and other working animals who labour in the tourism industry has largely gone unnoticed. It lies hidden, invisible to those who fail to see, tolerated by those who accept the excuses that the industry puts […]

A sustainable community in Kunisaki

  Tour operator Paul Christie describes his community project in Japan: You intend to live here? The question greeted us as we began to fulfil our long-held dream of living in the countryside. Yet the speaker was not querying us so much as expressing her astonishment that anyone would want to live in her neighbourhood, albeit […]

Volunteering with Lions in South Africa – Things I wish I had known

Sarah Dyer explains why she supports CACH, a registered wildlife charity focused on exposing the shocking cruelty of the canned hunting industry: If, like me, you are passionate about the wonderful wildlife that this world has to offer then what could be better than working as a volunteer with the animals you love, on projects […]

The Battle for Paradise – Land grabs, forced expulsions & protests in Haiti.

The Haiti Support Group describes tourism’s disastrous impact on the community on Île-à-Vache: Pristine white beaches, turquoise seas, palm trees swaying in the gentle breeze. This is the very image of the tropical paradise promoted by high-end tour operators. This is Île-à-Vache. Until quite recently, this 20-square mile island off the south-west coast had been neglected by the Haitian […]