Cruise Ship Petition (UK)

If you are a UK resident please sign our petition which will automatically send an email to John Hayes MP, the Minister of State for Maritime issues. You will receive an automatic response from his constituency office, however the email is addressed to him as the Minister, so we would expect a reply from him as such, in due […]

Demand an end to water injustice in Goa

Donate to this campaign Our research indicates that there is growing concern among the people of Goa about the ways in which weakly monitored consumption and irresponsible disposal of water by hotels and resorts are: depleting groundwater and wells polluting waterways and beaches appropriating public water supplies to the detriment of communities and livelihoods, including […]

End Jarawa exploitation

Donate to this campaign   On 7th January 2012, the British newspaper, The Observer, exposed the scandal of semi-nude Jarawa women being forced to dance for tourists in exchange for food – by a policeman, who instead of protecting them, encouraged behaviour after being bribed by the tour operators. The Jarawa are an indigenous people […]

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