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Casas sin familias” was produced to explore the issue of mass tourism in Barcelona and its impact on the housing crisis.

With 30 million tourists descending on Barcelona each year, vastly outnumbered, 1.6 million residents face increasing challenges. Renowned for its’ warm welcome, Barcelona wrestles with this complex issue, caught between a desire to receive tourists and a fierce determination to preserve the daily way of life. But with residents facing intimidation to leave their homes to make way for tourist apartments, frustrations are increasing. ‘Casas sin familias’ follows the story of Santi who works tirelessly to protect the housing rights of others whilst facing his own imminent eviction.

Producer: Samantha Keon and Cristina Tomàs White
Twitter: @samantha_keon and @cristinatomasw.
LinkedIn andàs-white-795337145/
Instagram: @samantha_keon and @cristinatomasw

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