The focus of our current campaigns is about making tourism better. Recognising that tourism can be a force for good and as a tool for international development. We will work with industry to improve their operations and provide advice and information to tourists, in order that they can make better and more informed decisions about their holidays – ensuring that holidays bring real benefits to destination communities.




We have consistently challenged the tourism industry, tourists and the UK government to become aware of their impacts and to ensure that tourism always benefits local communities. Tourism Concern has also worked on creating solutions through fair trade tourism development, grassroots capacity building and providing tools and information for both the tourist and the industry

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orphan1The negative impacts of tourism remain largely unchecked and are increasing. As one of the largest industries in the world, tourism’s influence is staggering. However, like many international and globalised industries, tourism can undermine human rights and sadly it is often only possible to see the damage done when communities, livelihoods and environments have already been irreparably damaged. Tourism Concern provides a voice for local people in destination countries, who rarely have the opportunity to tell their story. However we need you to add your voice to our Campaigns so please take a few minutes to sign a petition or send an email.