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In our family business, we take great pride in smoking organic Irish salmon the best way possible. We are marrying the influences of the traditional Irish way of smoking with the Scandinavian way of smoking reflecting the different cultural backgrounds of the owners of the Burren Smokehouse.
Our location near the Cliffs of Moher and the pure, wild Atlantic coast inspire us to use exclusively natural ingredients for the smoking process and our different marinades. We are only using very few ingredients to smoke the fish: just sea salt as well as real oak and turf smoke to give our salmon the outstanding taste which is appreciated around the world. For our marinades, we use seaweed as an award-winning marinade which is being foraged in West Clare, and herbs grown in the vicinity. Our decision to only use Irish organic salmon and to source the remaining ingredients as locally as possible greatly reduce the food mileage of the finished products.
One of the great health benefits of eating organic smoked salmon is the high omega-3 content: there are 2.49 g per 100g of omega-3 fatty acids in our Burren smoked Irish organic salmon! The seaweed, honey and lemon in some of our marinades add even more health benefits.
We are very passionate about the quality of our products and about our customer service. It is this passion and the high quality level that attracted the attention of such customers like Fortnum & Mason, Harrods and Selfridges in England. Queen Elizabeth II and almost 180 guests enjoyed our Smoked Irish Organic Salmon as a starter during the historic State Dinner in Dublin Castle in May of 2011.

All our staff (including the family who owns the Burren Smokehouse) are living locally and most of them have year-round employment at the Burren Smokehouse. For the busy summer and Christmas season, we take on extra staff – all of this benefits the local area and the businesses based here, as the money stays in the community.

We are enaged through the Burren Ecotourism Network in decision and projects that is to the benefit of the whole area.

Our premises is based between the Cliffs of Moher and the famous Burren, a limestone area of great significance in terms of history, archaeology, fauna and flora. Smoking fish has always been a part of the Irish culture, and we are following that tradition and culture by smoking with real (wood and turf) fire, and an unchanged smoking process based on the ancient ways of smoking.

One of the main visitor attractions of our town is the Burren Smokehouse. People who are diverting from the Wild Atlantic Way to come here will potentially also spend money in the local pubs and shops, even stay here overnight to avail of the great traditional music offer.

The jobs created by the Burren Smokehouse are taken up by people living in the community, and employment is open to anybody who is willing and able to fit into the different teams, no matter what their gender, place of birth or ethnicity or disability is.  

The first point does not really concern us as a smokehouse as we don’t have any outside space. We are part of Origin Green, a long-term sustainability programme initiated by Bord Bía, the Irish Food Marketing Board, and got certified this summer.
We also have a strict regime of energy and water consumption and other controls in place through the Burren Ecotourism Network. 


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