Bird Island Lodge

Bird Island Lodge is a private nature reserve and bird sanctuary. Set on a 170 acre coral cay at the northern tip of the Seychelles archipelago, this little island is home to thousands of tropical birds, giant land tortoises, and breath-taking marine life – a true treasure island for nature lovers. For the authentic Seychelles experience in a natural, comfortable and simple setting, and at an affordable rate, join us on Bird Island Seychelles.

We are an environmentally & socially responsible tourism operation. The lodge is responsible for the protection, preservation & enhancement of Bird Island & its surrounding reef and waters through sustainable management practices, such as:

  • Eco-design:The hotel buildings were built using local products and using local labour. They have an open air design to avoid the need for air conditioning.
  • Energy: All hot water is produced by dual solar panels for every 2 chalets. We have no outdoor lighting and provide clients with battery-free torches…
  • Conservation: Bird Island has always been run on ecological principles and has always run conservation programmes for various aspects of its wildlife since the early 1970s…
  • Ecological sustainability: We have a farm on the island for fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh fish are caught from our waters, thus allowing for sustainable management of the island…
  • Community: We have had a policy for over 35 years to only employ local staff, etc…

Bird Island is found on 170 acres of lush vegetation fringed by untouched beaches and turquoise clear waters. Boasting only 24 chalets, no televisions and no phones, this remarkable eco-lodge offers the ultimate island getaway. Experience authentic island living in this private nature reserve and bird sanctuary where simplicity is the key.

Bird Island, Seychelles symbolises the perfect balance between nature and running an ecologically sound hotel. From its beginnings, conservation has been at the forefront with a focus on the island’s now thriving Sooty Tern seabird colony. This along with the protection of the critically endangered Hawksbill and Green turtles, have contributed to the Island’s remarkable conservation success story.

In keeping with the island’s approach to offering an authentic island experience, the cuisine is fresh and wholesome and is served by the lodge’s 100% Seychellois team. Fish caught from our surrounding waters and organic home grown fruits and vegetables supplement the restaurant’s tasty meals.

The proprietor of this 3 Star eco-lodge is proud of its achievements and aims for the island to remain an affordable, simple and eco-friendly choice for visitors. Guests are welcome to marvel at the thousands of tropical birds, giant land tortoises, and breathtaking marine life in its surrounds; unforgettable experiences of Bird Island, Seychelles.

We are a very small family run hotel in the Seychelles, which is offering a once in a lifetime getaway at an affordable rate. How do you to get to us? A short 30 minute flight by light aircraft and you’re in paradise!

As an island hotel, our staff live and work on the island. Only local staff have been employed for over 35 years. Their children are able to visit on weekends and holidays when there is space available on the aircraft and we do not charge for this. We actively involve our staff in our conservation projects and our conservation officer is responsible for educating new members of staff about their surroundings and the work that we do. Our nature tour also contains elements of cultural interest for clients – discussing medicinal uses of island plants, folk law, traditional methods of land management and fishing etc. We are the only private island in the Seychelles to actively maintain a low local rate for Seychellois. 

The working population on the island operates as a small community and we have a very paternalistic approach to ensuring their welfare.We have a policy whereby we offer our staff monetary loans without interest if they want to build a house for themselves on the main island. 

The island has always been run on ecological principles and conservation programmes for various aspects of its wildlife have run since the early 1970’s. Current programmes include monitoring and protecting the Sooty Terns which breed on the island, the Green and Hawksbill Turtles which come to the island, the long tailed white tropic bird which nests among tree roots, and the Seychelles sunbirds. Guests are free to volunteer with our turtle monitoring project during the Hawksbill season and we run nature tours on the island at least 4 times a week with our resident conservation officer, Robby.

Additionaly, we often take research students for a week or more on the island. In terms of running the island in a sustainable manner, we use local products wherever possible – for our buildings which are of open air design to avoid the need for air conditioning. We collect rainwater and use solar enery for water heating, we have our own farm for fresh fruits and vegetables, and much more. 



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