Barcelona Overtourism Introduction

Across Europe a backlash is building against the spiralling growth of tourism in some of the continent’s most popular urban destinations. In Venice, Rome, Dubrovnik and Barcelona tensions are growing as local populations release their frustrations in growing protests as ramifications become increasingly severe and no clear answer seems to develop from local government.

With 30 million tourists descending on Barcelona each year, vastly outnumbered, 1.6 million residents are struggling to keep control of their city. Renowned for its’ warm welcome, Barcelona wrestles with this complex issue and tries to find a suitable strategy to combat mass tourism and promote local culture. But with mobs working the city, intimidating locals from their homes to make way for tourist apartments, residents are growing increasingly frustrated, caught between a desire to receive tourists and a fierce determination to preserve their daily way of life.

Barcelona Overtourism Introduction from Tourism Concern on Vimeo.

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