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Dear Tourism Concern Members, Firstly, we hope this update finds you all well and looking forward to the festive season. Over the past few months, Cristina and I have been busy with furthering our research for our film, meeting with organisations across the city to connect with people invested in the debate around mass tourism in Barcelona. It was during one of these meetings in which we met Santi, born in Barcelona and currently being evicted due to the Airbnb phenomenon.

After speaking with Santi and getting to know more and more about his story and the work he does protecting the rights of others in the city, he graciously agreed to be in our film and we had the pleasure of meeting with him to conduct an interview. Over an hour of fascinating insights from Santi has kept us both busy in the editing suite, carefully working to bring his story to the screen. Samantha is currently organising her shooting schedule with Santi and filming extra material across the city and Cristina continues to reach out to groups to be continuously learning more about the momentum this issue is gathering.

As we are sure you have seen in the news the recent independence demonstrations have brought a lot of activity in the city to a halt! Demonstrations and other events around the tourism issue have been postponed but in time gradually discussions are returning. For Santi his story will now reach its conclusion at the end of January and is an element we are passionate to include. This will set our production back to the beginning of February but believe will be a stronger film for it, we would like to thank you all sincerely for your understanding and we are really looking forward to showing you the end result. 

All the best,  

Samantha and Cristina

Photo by Aries Tottle

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