Ayana Journeys

We are a small responsible travel company based in Cambodia that shares immersive, educational experiences with culturally curious travellers. Our mission is to contribute to a more peaceful world. We do this by carefully crafting exceptional travel experiences that prioritise new insights through experiential learning; fostering a deeper sense of empathy; widening understanding of global issues; and reflecting on our potential as members of an international community.

Ayana specialises in handcrafted trips in various areas of special interest. These are rich in meaningful connections with local people, and focus on exciting learning opportunities. Some examples of tour experiences include:

  • Angkor temples & history
  • Family experiences
  • Dance & performance
  • Arts & crafts
  • Food & cooking
  • Traditional recreation
  • Fortune telling
  • Well-being
  • Faith, religion & spirituality
  • Responsible tourism, philanthropy & social entrepreneurship

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

So we reject the conventional model of ‘observing’ new places and cultures, which ultimately encourages us to feel distanced from them. Instead we craft engaging, ethical learning journeys that support open-minded travellers keen to develop an appreciation for other cultures, learn about different ways of life, explore international issues, deepen their own sense of empathy, and reflect on themselves as global citizens. Our community tourism offerings are always built through community consultation and nurturing transparent partnerships. All tours include thorough pre-departure information and on arrival, this includes lots on cultural etiquette and responsible tourism practices.

We have strong responsible tourism values, and believe that travel should always benefit the local community; as a result some of our tours directly finance grass-root development projects in rural Cambodia, providing education and youth empowerment projects for disadvantaged young people. Rather than starting our own foundation, we would rather contribute to community development by channeling funds to and providing exposure for existing projects. In doing this we aim to create a network of small-scale, grass-roots tourism and cultural offerings that may currently struggle to access the tourism market.

We work in partnership and support community based ecotourism initiatives – such as forest conservation in collaboration with indigenous groups, elephant welfare through a sanctuary that matches our values about ethical elephant interaction, and mangrove reforestation.



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