EcoBurma is a non-profit project run by the Czech non-governmental organization Burma Center Prague that seeks to promote responsible travel to Burma through awareness-raising and capacity-building. Our Approach Empower People: We want locals in Burma to have the capacity to identify issues related to tourism and the strength to defend their rights. Contribute Stories: We want […]


We are a group of women living in a southern coastal village of Kerala, South India. Fishing and yarn making from coconut fibre are our main livelihood avenues. After the tsunami of December 2004 the village community initiated the process of reviving their traditional ecological and livelihood systems under a project called Punarjani. We organised ourselves into self-help groups and started several income generating activities. In May 2014, we built a small eco-cottage on the shores of a lake to entertain travelers who are seeking candid experience of our village life.

Active Adventures (NZ)

We know New Zealand like the back of our hand
We’re Kiwis, and since 1996 we’ve looked after active people with legendary Kiwi hospitality in the stunning New Zealand outdoors. If you’re into trekking, paddling and biking through parks, valleys, bays and backroads, then you’ll love our adventure trips. Our uber-fun, overly capable guides will take you to their favorite haunts and with them you’ll get a chance to challenge yourself a little … or a lot. Off-the-beaten track by day and in cosy lodging by night, you’ll experience the real New Zealand.
We know that if you join us, you’ll have the best time.

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