Tourism Concern: Closure


Following a report from our Treasurer, the trustees of Tourism Concern have taken the difficult decision to close the charity. The vote was unanimous. The charity has struggled financially for a number of years and cut costs to the barest minimum but despite the best efforts of talented executive directors and generations of enthusiastic and […]

12th Annual Native Spirit Film Festival 11-21 October 2018: Indigenous People and Activism Through Art


Five per cent of the world’s population belong to so-called Tribal Peoples, First Nations, Native Peoples, and Indigenous Peoples. Examples of Indigenous Peoples include Inuit communities in the Arctic, the White Mountain Apache of Arizona, the Yanomami and the Tupi people of the Amazon, Maasai pastoralists in East Africa and many more. These are just […]

Impacts of mega-events on human trafficking in Brazil


The article was written by Tereza Kubistova, Tourism Concern volunteer and student at the University of Northampton. She is looking into doing her master’s in social impacts of Tourism, which will lead her career towards focusing on human rights, economic leakage and human trafficking. This article was primarily used as an academic paper and then […]

4th Modern Slavery & Human Rights in Supply Chain Conference


The latest figures reveal that there are approximately 40 million people living in modern slavery worldwide. According to the International Labour Organisation, 25 million people are trapped in forced labour while children account for 10 million of the overall total. Interestingly, modern slavery used to be perceived as an issue that existed in third world […]

Let’s be critical about International Volunteering – a reminder


Every year, around 1.6 million people travel the world as international volunteers. That is impressive, especially if we think of the fact that volunteering is demanding and pretty expensive. But how great it is that so many people, youngsters especially, care about social development and humanitarian projects abroad? Maybe not as great as it sounds. […]

School Trips and Ethical Tourism


Taking students to explore the world can change their lives and transform outcomes – but have you considered the impact it might be having on our planet, asks Adrian Ferraro Be honest now: when planning a school trip, do you consider whether the trip is ethical or sustainable? No? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. During […]



Soulscape is the latest Member of Tourism Concern’s Ethical Tour Operators Group. It is a UK-based ethical wellness travel company who create enriching travel experiences rooted in creative learning, cultural immersion and complete wellbeing. Their team spends months in each destination digging out knowledge about local history, culture and making friendships with local artisans, yogis, […]

Casas sin familias


“Casas sin familias” was produced to explore the issue of mass tourism in Barcelona and its impact on the housing crisis. With 30 million tourists descending on Barcelona each year, vastly outnumbered, 1.6 million residents face increasing challenges. Renowned for its’ warm welcome, Barcelona wrestles with this complex issue, caught between a desire to receive […]

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