An interview with Valle dei Cavalieri, awarded for “Excellence and Innovation in Tourism” by the UNWTO.


A little mountain community at risk of disappearing, due to the depopulation. They decided to work together cooperatively to save their territory, their culture and their history. They believed in another kind of development. Based on the values of collective participation, mutual help and internal democracy. Tourism has been an important tool in the process. […]

II Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism


The World Social Forum 2018 will be held 13 -17 March in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Every year, since 2001 the World Social Forum has been the place where organised groups, civil society organizations, NGOs, social movements and local communities have come together to think and rethink the economic model of our society and the world we live in. […]

Interview with Maurizio Davolio, president of Italian Association for Responsible Tourism (AITR), who is now among the signatories of the Berlin Declaration


We are happy to announce that the AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism) is now among the signatories of the Berlin Declaration on Transforming Tourism. ( Elisa Spampinato met its president Maurizio Davolio. Tourism Concern: Hi Maurizio, for those unfamiliar with your organization AITR, how would you answer – in a sentence – the question […]

Community-based tours in the biggest favela of Latin America


Few years ago, in Rio de Janeiro, I met Ailton Macarrão, who introduced me, as one of its promoters and founders, to the Rocinha Community Tourism Forum (Forum de Turismo da Rocinha), which was the community-based response to the growing demand for tourism in the favela, and, which represented Rocinha’s organised response to the exploitation […]

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