Bimini: Locals speak out


Alison Stancliffe revisits an issue made tragically topical by September’s devastation caused by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. [The impact of major resort development on a small island was raised last year by blog contributor Blake Dowling.Our recent blog below updated you on developments in Bimini before Hurricance Irma swept in. Go to the Facebook […]

Five Tips for Airbnb Trips


‘Live there!’ smiles the Airbnb advert seductively. I was seduced years ago quite happily into using the booming ‘sharing economy’ of social media travel sites to find accommodation.  In fact I used one recently to get a cheap bed in outer London before a Tourism Concern conference. My night in my host’s spare room gave […]

Cruising the backwaters: my holiday or their home?


Alison Stancliffe, Tourism Concern’s founder, describes her Kerala Backwaters experience: My favourite photo, taken recently in the Indian coastal state of Kerala, shows me climbing a coconut tree. I didn’t expect to find myself up a tree, as I’d set off to do something rather more serious – to check out houseboat tourism in Kerala’s […]

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