Annual Report and Accounts 2014/15

annual-reportOur Annual Report and Accounts Over the year we continued to work on a range of educational and awareness raising activities, developing our strategies and aims through research and consultation. We produced two reports, one on All Inclusive resorts and the other on volunteering; however our main focus was on launching the new website and producing the online Ethical Travel Guide and our campaign to protect the backwaters of Alleppey.

Annual Report 2014:15

  • April 2014 – Guest speaker at international conference looking at volunteering with children / orphanage tourism
  • May – Guest speaker – University of Exeter grand challenge – volunteering overseas.
  • June First meeting of our GIVs, Ethical Volunteering Group which aims to drive up standards and promote better forms of volunteering overseas.
  • July –published our briefing on volunteering overseas – International Volunteering – Filling in the gaps (July 2014). We continued to raise awareness of the issues around volunteering with extensive media coverage
  • August – All organisations listed in the print edition of the Ethical Travel Guide contacted re the move to the online edition of the guide.
  • September – Judged entrants in the Responsible Travel Awards. Thames Path Challenge team raised money for the orphanage campaign. Soft launch of new website.
  • October – New website launched – completely new website produced which includes online membership management, interactive maps, country guides, ethical travel issues, online Ethical Travel Guide, forums, social connections and dedicated members area allowing members to access all back copies of our reports and publications.
  • Organised a one day conference aimed at prospective volunteers and those interested in ‘voluntourism’ which included discussion groups, presentations and a chance to speak to past volunteers and members of our Ethical Volunteering Group.
  • November – Guest speaker at World Travel Market on Water Equity in Tourism and worker rights in hotels
  • December – Gave lectures to students at Southampton University, Plymouth, Bucks New University, Surrey University and worked with Explore Worldwide on the MSc course.
  • January – We conducted a survey of over 1700 holidaymakers and published the results in our briefing paper -The Perceived Impacts of all-inclusive package holidays on host destinations.
  • February – Launched our campaign to help protect the backwaters of Alleppey.
  • March 2015 – Launched Voices in Ethical Tourism, an online blog on ethical travel issues.

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