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Anglia Ruskin University provides various tourism related courses for both undergraduate, postgraduate and research. The Lord Ashcroft International business school offers an undergraduate programme in Tourism Management (BSc hons) – This course gives students in-depth training in the various aspects of tourism management, including marketing, finance, operations management, sustainability, strategic planning, customer service and law. Sustainability is an increasingly important consideration for the industry and you’ll learn about working sustainably with local communities, cultures, governments, businesses and the natural environment.

The Lord Ashcroft International business school offers postgraduate programmes in Tourism Management (Msc) and International hospitality and tourism management (MSc). Lord Ashcroft International Business School is one of the largest business schools in the east of England, and the first choice for many employers looking to up-skill their staff. Students will benefit from state-of-the-art teaching and learning facilities, study areas, campus libraries with online databases containing professional journals, plus our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) through which you can access study resources and help.

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Kai Ulrik

Hi - I joined tourism concern as a volunteer in early 2014 and have been assisting with research and membership. I have a background in environmental management and business administration; with a Master's degree in Environmental management and policy. I am an avid traveller with key interests in community based tourism & highlighting the impacts of All-inclusive holidays.

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