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Alkemia is a local travel agency, a tour operator and Destination Management Company (DMC), authorized by the Icelandic Ministry of Tourism. We guarantee a secure and high quality travelling experience, hosted by local guides that specialise in the region.

We organize trips and placements with in the goal of helping you meet and explore this fascinating land. With our knowledge and our method of travelling you are bound to enjoy Iceland!

Owners, Harpa and Jean-Marc, have associated their life path and their abilities to offer you a unique and authentic experience. The local travel agency and DMC Alkemia is a member of numerous DMC networks such as WATA (World Association of Travel Agencies), VVE (association des Voyageurs et Voyagistes Eco-responsables), Leave no Trace… and is recommended by the French travel guide Petit Futé 2013. The Icelandic airline Icelandair has described us as “the most alternative travel agency in Iceland”.

We organize trips, guided or self-guided, for families, groups of friends, individuals. We have departures all year round for different durations of time, Iceland is to be discovered in every season. The trips are guided year French, English, German, Spanish and Icelandic.

In summer, we offer treks with or without porters. We can also offer trips focusing on horseback riding, cross-country skiing, kayaking, photography, sailing and other environmentally friendly activities. We like to take our time (“slow travel”) to feel, experience and explore the hard to find places without possessing the keys.

Our company is specialized in our ‘wellbeing’ trip which includes both a yoga journey or meditation, it’s a part of our life and we try to be an inspiration for the community. We give also yoga lessons in the school.

To learn more about our eco-tourism policy, see this page: 

We aim to use local partners whenever possible. This includes guide, sourcing local food and dealing with local artists. We ensure that guides are well paid and we manage the company without the help of the bank, we have no debt.

We participate as an active member of the community and donate money to a local association to protect the environment in the region where we live which is very sensitive and in danger from the expanding tourism sector. 

We invest a portion of our earning in planting new trees. We have a lot of ideas and flexibility, but we want to preserve the essence and spirit of our company, we are member to the VVE charter (Association of travelers and tour eco-responsible):

  • We use the least possible transport
  • We respect the environment, other visitors and locals
  • We benefit local conservation projects
  • We use local organic food as much as possible with an emphasise on vegetarian products
  • We minimise waste, energy use and other environmental impact
  • We take the time to contemplate, to listen and be present
  • People are encouraged to take care not to cause damage when hiking in nature
  • We focus on quality and simplicity



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