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Far from mass tourism – respectful of human beings and eager to pass on local cultures – Ali Sud Magic Morocco tours offers to accompany you for your stay in Morocco. We provide day trips, multi-day trips, courses, trekking in the mountains or in the desert, or any other activities that you wish to experience in Morocco.

Our Spirit is centred around Generosity, tradition and conviviality. Ali Sud Magic Morocco tours opens the doors on authentic Morocco. Offering you the opportunity to live a convivial holiday, in the spirit of giving people locally, highlighting the artistic, sporting or spiritual side of Moroccan life. Ali Sud Magic Morocco tours can adapt their tours to achieve your dream holiday; be it individual or in a group, and at top end of comfort or in the spirit of adventure.

We offer evenings around the fire, visiting some areas of which are accessible only on foot, participation in the life of nomads in a cave or under a Berber tent, massages in the desert, bread baked in the sand, knowledge of the Berber tradition, visit workshops of women in the villages, and also visit the imperial cities. Come along with Ali Sud Magic Morocco tours for an unforgettable memory of this wonderful country.

We are able to offer a 5 % discount to Tourism Concern Members for all tours, along with an exclusive benefit to Tourism Concern Members with 50% discount trekking offer.

  • We maintain and strengthen the quality of life in our local communities, including social structures and access to resources, amenities and life support systems, and avoid any form of social degradation or exploitation.
  • We engage and empower local communities in planning and decision making about the management and future development of tourism in the area, in consultation with other stakeholders
  • We respect and enhance the historic heritage, authentic culture, traditions, and distinctiveness of the community.
  • We provide internship programmes in wellbeing and also offer guests yoga in the desert.

  • We maximise the contribution of tourism to the economic prosperity of the local area, including the proportion of visitor spending that is retained locally.
  • We seek a widespread and fair distribution of economic and social benefits from tourism throughout the local community, including improving opportunities, income and services available to the poorest.
  • We strengthen the number and quality of local jobs created and supported by tourism, including the level of pay, conditions of service and availability to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability or in other ways.
  • We aim to provide equitable and sustainable tourism.

  • We maintain and enhance the quality of landscapes, both urban and rural, and avoid the physical and visual degradation of the environment.
  • We support the conservation of natural areas, habitats, and wildlife, and minimize damage to them.
  • We minimise use of scarce or non-renewable resources in the development of tourism facilities and to minimise pollution of air, water, land caused by the generation of waste by tourism enterprises and visitors.
  • We support and believe in ecological tourism.



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