Ethical Travel Conference

save the asian elephant


The AGM took place on the 22 September 2015


10:00AGM (Finance, Accounts, governance)James Blair, Chair
11:00Tea / Coffee
11:30WelcomeMark Watson, Executive Director
11:40Tourism Concern, campaigns overviewMark Watson, Executive Director
12:10Alleppey campaignPeter Bishop, Programme Manager
13:00LunchLight lunch / Clocktower Cafe will be open for food / drink purchases
14:00What is an ethical traveller?Peter Bishop / Mark Watson / Kai Ulrik
14:45Formal launch of the online Ethical Travel GuideMark Watson
15:00Coffee breakCoffee / drinks available from bar

Women and social entrepreneurship in hospitality & tourism


Dr Albert Kimbu, Surrey University
15:35Travelling ethically: Uganda

Lesley Harris, Venture Uganda Travel

15:55Travelling ethically: South East AsiaETOG Representative – Andy Rutherford, Fresh Eyes Travel.
16:15Elephant Trekking

Save the Asian Elephants (speaker TBC)

16:35Discussion / Q&A

Council Members (Trustees)


Bar open for drinks / social


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