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Our Academic Network is for institutions who share the same values as us. It is critically important that tourism teaching considers the potential of tourism to be a driver for the positive social change that we believe is necessary, rather than just a means to employment in the tourism industry. Our  Academic Members not only support the work of Tourism Concern but, more importantly, have the opportunity to collaborate on relevant and practical research that can bring real benefits to local people.



Members can access all of our reports briefings for free in the Members area. However, if you are only interested  in accessing a specific report you can access a digital copy (that can be downloaded) via Reports Access.



Detailed information about our reports can be found on the Resources page. You can order print copies of our publications by using this form. However Members can download our reports and back issues of the In Focus magazine from the Members Area for free. Members also get a complimentary copy of the print edition of the Ethical Travel Guide when they sign up.

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Our links pages includes organisations with similar aims and objectives to Tourism Concern or are campaigning on similar issues.