Most organisations working in tourism would acknowledge that their activities are not yet fairly traded nor sustainable. Tourism Concern welcomes the opportunity to work with any organisation willing and capable of change so long as this reflects our mission and does not compromise our values.

Tourism Concern’s mission is to make sure tourism and volunteering always benefits the local communities. We work in a number of different ways, primarily campaigning. Our integrity and independence are fundamental to achieving our mission and to providing a credible service to those organisations we work with.

When entering into a working relationship with an organisation Tourism Concern will respect the confidentiality of any information obtained through that relationship. No confidential information will be used by Tourism Concern in their campaigning activities.

Tourism Concern is committed to campaigning against exploitation in tourism. It is essential to our independence and integrity that there be no influence or preferential treatment expected or given should an organisation with which we are working be involved in activities against which we are campaigning.

Tourism Concern will work with organisations:

  • That have a genuine commitment to continuous improvement on their social performance including active approval and continued commitment at senior management level.
  • Where there are measurable improvements as a result of the changes they have implemented within the communities in which they operate.
  • That will not behave in such a way as to compromise the reputation of Tourism Concern, or have any negative impact on Tourism Concern’s core activities.

Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. Tourism Concern will monitor the effectiveness of our working relationships against our policy on an ongoing basis.
  2. Should an organisation no longer fulfil the policy criteria then Tourism Concern will stop working with them.
  3. Should we feel that no progress is being made then we will also stop working with them