Tourism Concern was closed by its trustees in September 2018. The website is now being archived gradually for future use as a campaigning and educational tool. This page acknowledges the many who contributed to it work.

Inevitably history simplifies and forgets, but Tourism Concern was never just one or two people. Organisations with a history like ours never are. Over thirty years we were supported by thousands of paid up members, alongside an army of volunteers who helped with running the organisation and its events. They in turn supported a team of paid staff and succeeding groups of council members, later known as trustees.

Below are names of those who took a public role in shaping strategy and policy. Sadly due to data protection requirements we are unable to name the many key members, staff and volunteers who made waves together, and in ways big or small, kept Tourism Concern afloat in choppy seas for so long.

Founding steering group 1988-9: David Botterill, Ted Finch, Angela Holland, Roger Millman, Tom Selwyn, Alison Stancliffe, Brian Wheeller.

Co-ordinator/ Directors: Alison Stancliffe (1988-1991), Tricia Barnett (1991-2011),  Mark Watson (2012-2018)

Chairs: Tom Selwyn, David Botterill, Alison Stancliffe, Jayne Forbes, John Sparrowhawk, Emma Burtles, Stroma Cole, Sarah Harrington, James Blair, Kiran Gupta, Roger Goode, Whitney Wilkinson

Council Members/Trustees 1989 – 2018 (in chronological order of joining):

Nick Hanna, Peter Mason, Janet Cochrane, Ian Thomas, Dan Carroll, Shirley Eber,  Mel James, Jan Stevenson, Peter Stone, Michael Warner, Paul Dingle,  Barbara Gehrels, Ian Munt, Carina Hibbett, Kath Bateman, Angelika Berndt, Raoul Bianchi, Peter Burns, Benji Carey, Alex Clarke, Jayne Forbes, Mike Morris, Polly Pattullo, Veronica Wallace, Judy White, Afzal Abdool Richard Ledbury Pat Suttnam, Julie Jones, Jacqui Smith, Annette Weiss, Emma Burtles, Michael Dickson, Roger Diski, Ann Feltham, Resiato Martyn, Nia Owen, Julie Scott, John Sparrowhawk, Brian Wade, Corinne Attwood, Stroma Cole, Matt Gorman, Neville Linton, Mark Page, Roy Graff, Matthew Thomson,  Sumit Agarwal, Motti Essakow, Luciana Lago, Peter Bishop, Diana Luck, Jacqui Webster, Sarah Upfield, Nicola Green, Sarah Harrington, Michelle Ramsay, Claudette Fleming, Ioannis Pantelidis, Nicola Cosgrove, Wiebke Flach, Gail Ward, James Blair, Sam Longair, Kiran Gupta, Felipe Zalamea, James Roark.

The Trusteees at time of closure were: Roger Goode, Co-chair, Whitney Wilkinson, Co-chair, Luca Patrignani, Treasurer, Dr Albert Kimbu, Dr Andrew Lyons, Juan Marambio Morel.

More information about current and prevous trustees is held at Companies House